Kit Interference and diffraction of light


The kit contains everything needed for the conduction of 2 different laboratory works (plus complete descriptions for them):
  • Examination of interference and diffraction of light with a laser
  • Determination of wavelength of light using diffraction grating
This kit allows you to make basic demonstrations on the subject of interference and diffraction of light, diffraction grating and its use in determining the wavelength of laser light.

The kit includes:
  • Laser on a stand
  • Lens on a stend
  • Screen
  • Stand with holder
  • A set of apertures and diffraction gratings
    • opaque strip
    • single slit
    • double slit
    • diffraction grating 10 lines/mm
    • diffraction grating 20 lines/mm
  • Measuring tape
  • Description of the kit and the laboratory works
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