Electricity and Magnetism        Electricity and Magnetism

SPE-006 Kit Black Box Kit Black Box 121лв Order Now
SPE-001 Kit Electrical circuits Kit Electrical circuits 239лв Order Now
SPE-002 Kit Electrical circuits 2 Kit Electrical circuits 2 222лв Order Now
SPE-003 Kit Electromagnetism Kit Electromagnetism 314лв Order Now
SPE-009 Kit Electrostatics (demonstrations) Kit Electrostatics (demonstrations) 1492лв Order Now
SPE-008 Kit Electrostatics (laboratory) Kit Electrostatics (laboratory) 146лв Order Now
SPE-007 Kit Joule-Lenz law Kit Joule-Lenz law 490лв Order Now
SPE-005 Kit Semiconductor Devices Kit Semiconductor Devices 340лв Order Now
SPE-011 Kit Simple electric circuits Kit Simple electric circuits 94лв Order Now
SPE-004 Kit Transformer Kit Transformer 341лв Order Now
SPE-010 Kit Voltage Sources Kit Voltage Sources 363лв Order Now

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