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UGP-002 Electronic Scale (1g/step) Electronic Scale (1g/step) 51лв Order Now
SPM-009 Kit  Equilibrium 1 (demonstrational) Kit Equilibrium 1 (demonstrational) 300лв Order Now
SPM-013 Kit  Sound Kit Sound 490лв Order Now
SPS-005 Kit Atmospheric pressure Kit Atmospheric pressure 314лв Order Now
SPM-015 Kit Bernoulli's law Kit Bernoulli's law 300лв Order Now
SPM-008 Kit Constant acceleration motion Kit Constant acceleration motion 190лв Order Now
SPM-002 Kit Demonstration of the finite speed of sound Kit Demonstration of the finite speed of sound 200лв Order Now
SPS-004 Kit Density. Buoyancy Kit Density. Buoyancy 175лв Order Now
SPM-010 Kit Equilibrium 2 (laboratory) Kit Equilibrium 2 (laboratory) 140лв Order Now
SPM-005 Kit Friction forces Kit Friction forces 240лв Order Now
SPM-016 Kit Lever. Pulley Kit Lever. Pulley 190лв Order Now
SPM-001 Kit Mechanics – General Kit Mechanics – General 500лв Order Now
SPM-001A Kit Mechanics + Universal Timer/Chronometer UT-01 Kit Mechanics + Universal Timer/Chronometer UT-01 800лв Order Now
SPM-012 Kit Models of Waves Kit Models of Waves 250лв Order Now
SPM-004 Kit Oscillations Kit Oscillations 220лв Order Now
SPM-003 Kit Speed of sound Kit Speed of sound 270лв Order Now
SPM-014 Pendulum Wave  device Pendulum Wave device 320лв Order Now
SPM-011 Resonance device Resonance device 140лв Order Now
TGP-001 Spring scale 5N Spring scale 5N 44лв Order Now
UT-01 Universal Timer/Chronometer UT-01 Universal Timer/Chronometer UT-01 400лв Order Now

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