Kit Mechanics – General


The kit contains everything needed (except for the Universal Timer/Chronometer UT-01) for the conduction of 7 laboratory works in mechanics plus comprehensive descriptions of the experiments.
  • Determining acceleration in uniform acceleration motion
  • Determining gravitational acceleration using mathematical pendulum
  • Spring pendulum. Spring constant
  • Determining coefficient of friction in sliding motion
  • Calculating acceleration in free fall
  • Determining initial speed of an object thrown parallel to the horizon
  • Verification of the law of conservation of mechanical energy of a rolling ball
The kit is also suitable for demonstrational experiments in mechanics.

The kit includes:
  • Stands with holders - 2 pieces
  • Runways - 2 pieces
  • Optocouplers - 3 pieces
  • Pendulum
  • Spring
  • Weights
  • Electromagnet
  • Steel ball
  • Vertical ruler
  • Basket
  • Body (to determine the coefficient of friction)
  • Balls - 2 pieces
  • Plumb-line
  • Measuring tape
  • Kit and lab works description
Note: Purchase Universal timer/stopwatch UT-01 separately.

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